Top Gear Challenge – Vietnam Moped rally

Last year we were fortunate to meet an English gentleman by the name of David Clements who organises and conducts motor bike tours in Asia. He informed us that in 2014 he was conducting a bike rally from Saigon to Hanoi and upon reaching Hanoi he would kindly donate the bikes to us to dispose of however we liked and that Project Vietnam could retain the monies and disburse the funds to one of our many causes that we have in Vietnam.

photo 1 (2) Jim, our President, and I met up with the merry band of travel weary, mud-spattered motorcyclists upon their arrival in Hanoi. Prior to their arrival we managed to source a dealer who would purchase all of the bikes and take them off our hands. The total money raised with this exercise was in excess of $US2400 from the sale of the bikes plus personal donations of nearly $US400 from the team members.

Each year Project Vietnam supports five needy Medical students studying at the Thai Binh Medical University which is situated about 120 km south of Hanoi. Subsequently $US1000 of the money raised was presented to the students to assist them with their career studies. The balance of the money went to assist with the purchase of new and updated computerized medical equipment for the operating theatre at one of the regional rural hospitals.

photo 4 (1)I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank David Clements and his 2014 rally competitors for their wonderful gesture in donating their motor bikes along with their personal donations to our cause.

I have just received a welcome email from David advising me that in 2015 the same situation will apply with the donation of the rally team’s motor bikes at the conclusion of the rally.

photo 2 (3)Also I’d just like to make mention to our site viewers that all the dollars donated to us are fully tax deductible and all funds raised goes directly to our projects in Vietnam and Cambodia. There are no administration costs deducted out of any donated monies. They are met from membership fees. All our participating volunteer members travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia to be part of our projects personally cover all their airfares, accommodation and day to day costs.


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