Vietnam Project 2017

Phong Nha MapWell the early stages of our 2017 March trip planning is underway. I know that it’s less than 8 months away; however it will come around very quickly.

Our 2017 Project is situated about 30kms west of the coastal town/city of Dong Hoi in the vicinity of a pretty rural village called Phong Nha. Dong Hoi is situated about 400 kms south of Hanoi.

We will be doing a renovation on a local kindergarten, along with the construction of an adjoining ablution block.

I would like to take this opportunity to outline and inform you of the details and requirements needed to participate on our project trips.

First up you must be a financial member of PVI and also submit your trip expression of interest form, along with the signed code of conduct declaration.

All of those forms are available on our Website – PVI Forms to download

Forms can be sent to:

The Secretary
Project Vietnam Inc.
PO Box 299
Golden Beach Qld 4551

Also, I will need your passport details as follows:

  1.  Date of Birth.
  2.  Passport number.
  3.  Passport expiry date.
  4.  Place of Issue.
  5. Your Name (as its written) in your Passport
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Once you have your flight ticketing finalised, I will need your flight arrival and departure details both into Vietnam and Dong Hoi.

I will need those details to enable me to arrange accommodation and local transfer arrangements.

Your responsibilities re costs are as follows:

  • We ask all of our team members to contribute $200.00 as a Building contribution.  Couples are charged at $300.00.
  • We carry our own compulsory travel insurance, and compared to the standard travel industry rates it represents very good value.  It is generally around $100.00 which covers you for about 6 weeks of travel, and also covers you whilst on the project.
  • Also we ask all members for an in country transport and meal levy, lunches, morning teas and coffee.  This also includes a transport levy to and from the work sites of $50.00.
  • The average hotel tariff is about $25.00 per night.  I shall confirm the actual hotel rate after my return from Vietnam next month.

So with all the costs I have just mentioned, your daily average costing including your accommodation, all meals and social drinks and dinner at night, works out at about $75/80 per day.

Our daily routine starts at about 06.30 for breakfast and we generally start work about 8 am, with breaks for morning tea and lunch and we finish about 4pm. I can assure you that nobody has ever suffered from industrial fatigue whilst on our projects.

Visas for Vietnam can be obtained through the Vietnamese Embassy in Canberra or alternately you can obtain a visa upon arrival on entry into Vietnam.

Please call me for advice re obtaining a visa via the Vietnamese Embassy in Canberra, along with a visa upon arrival in Vietnam.

All of your accommodation, daily transport and meals on the job will be put in place for you.

Our project start date is set down to commence on the 13th March 2017, and I would like all team members to be in the village of Phong Nha by Saturday afternoon or at the latest Sunday.

All I ask you to do is to organise your flight details from Australia to Vietnam and into Dong Hoi.

Now it’s not possible to fly direct into Dong Hoi so you must plan to fly either into Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) or Hanoi and catch a connecting flight onto Dong Hoi.

My suggestion would be to fly into Saigon and then fly onto Dong Hoi, the reason I say that, is if you have to overnight with you travel itinerary it’s a lot easier to commute to overnight accommodation in Saigon than Hanoi distance and time wise.

Please, any queries that you may have feel free to email me or call and I will assist you.

The time spent on the project generally spans from the Monday commencement day through till the following Friday week.

The bulk of our team members take the opportunity to travel on to other areas after the project is over for sightseeing.

Keep in mind that Countries like Cambodia, Lao and Thailand are very close, if you do not want to visit some of the great attractions of Vietnam, keep in mind with your return ticketing it’s possible to fly home from Lao, Cambodia and Bangkok at no extra cost.

Please keep in mind that it’s a lot cheaper to book and plan any in country tours and transport in Vietnam than what it is here in Australia.

I will assist you with any travel planning that you may need once we are in country.

O K that’s about it for this pre-trip report, I will be updating you all as our trip planning progresses.

Please feel free to contact me any time with any question that you may have re our upcoming 2017 project.

My contact details are 07 5403 7931 Mob 0418  873 871

I’m off to Vietnam as of 13/08/16 and I will not be back until 13th September 2016 so please contact me via email   or alternately contact our President Jim O’Shannessy 07 5494 0196  Mob 0488 598 531  or email

The main airline carriers that fly to Vietnam are Air Vietnam, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, and Malaysian Airlines and of course Air Asia of which is generally the cheapest.

The cost of the average return ticketing to Vietnam is between $900.00- 1000.00 and generally the earlier the travel arrangements are made the cheaper the fares are. Air Asia is tends to be the cheapest carrier, so one has to be vigilant and monitor their booking site.

The Vietnam internal flight carriers to Dong Hoi are Vietnam Airlines, Viet Jet and Jetstar; once again I suggest that you monitor those carriers’ respective sites for any good flight deals.

With all of the carriers I have mentioned apart from Air Vietnam there will entail a flight change at their country of origin.

Sincere Regards.

Ian Bath
Trip and Project Coordinator
Project Vietnam Inc.